The Groupon was good for us for trying the cages - ended up enrolling our son in Fall ball - and plan to stay on for spring. Guess both sides win.
— Christine C
We had a GREAT experience! The kid who helped us on Saturday 5/4 at 4:00 was as nice as he could be. A super asset to the company...sorry I don’t know his name. My grandkids LOVED the experience...we WILL be back.
— Karen
The staff was so friendly and made sure we were comfortable running the machines. One man, I believe he was a coach for one of the UBA teams, gave my son some advice and really helped build up his confidence. The cages were a little too fast yet for my son but once he gets to that level - I plan on going back!
— Stephanie G
We were recommended to UBA’s fall ball program by our former little league coach in order to take advantage of the free membership and clinics. After all of those things and the fall season, my son is a completely different player with a much better understanding of the game. Best $199 I could have spent. THANK YOU!
— Anthony W
Friendly staff, pleanty of space, and our son always has fun going there!
— Jessica G
It was very refreshing seeing coach Hosey teach technique to my son. I could see the confidence boost at his very next game
— Nathan